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  • The Tumbleweed features Dual Vacuum Outlets for ultimate suction.
  • Each unit is accompanied by a 1600 cfm Vacuum powerhouse with two 4 inch hoses for maximum suction.






  • Each unit has an industrial cleaning roller.
  • When the drum rotates, so does the roller, thus, no roller build up.


  • The drum is made from Rust-Free Stainless Steel and the Aluminum frame is powder coated
  • Machine is pressure washable and fully serviceable.



  • The checkerplate aluminum panels are removed during use and cleaning.
  • The unique decking design makes them easy to remove; no bolts!
  • After use, replace the panels for clean and easy storage.
  • The swivel casters can be locked for use and storage and unlocked for easy mobility.


  • Life long Accu-Link belts belts are used to rotate drums.
  • No special tools are required to couple or uncouple each belt
  • These strong belts are solvent resistant.
  • Tumbleweed has an internal adjusting system allowing you to load the drums from either side.


  • Equipped with two Heavy Duty BALDER motors and switches. 110volt or (220volt Europe)
  • No off-shore short-cuts here!



  • Greasable reel bearings with microthin bedknives ensures efficient cutting and trouble-free use.


  • The Tumbleweed machine has unique blade positioning that guarantees your crop to get more blade action than the  competitor's.
  • The Tumbleweed design ensures that the crop reaches the blade more often, resulting in faster and more effective cutting! 20% FASTER THEN COMPETITORS



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